Here you will find support regarding using the Internet and problems that can arise. We also have frequently asked questions which is a compilation of questions and answer’s that many users have asked. If you are experiencing popup windows or browser hijacks then you possibly have spyware on your computer.

Dealing with Spam

You can customize your personal Spam settings by going to your personal dashboard - Personal Spam Dashboard - and entering your email address and password. Here you can change how the categories of email are treated. On the policies tab you can select Allow, Markup, Quarantine (default for Waterfront emails) or Block for Junk, Spam, Phishing and Bot. If you do not want any of these categories to be Quarantined you can change the action to Allow or Markup if you want the email delivered to your Inbox.

What is a Permanent or Fatal delivery failure?

When you send an email, our email server tries to send the email every 10 minutes for one hour. If after one hour it has not successfully been sent, it gets placed into a retry queue for up to 5 days. If after 5 days the email could not be sent, you will get a message back stating that the email could not be sent and why. Usually it means that the other email server (the host) is not responding or having problems, OR you may have the wrong domain name or email address in your sent email.

What can I do to stop being disconnected?

Try removing all other devices (phones, faxes, etc) on the same line as the modem. Check to make sure you don’t have any electric fences running as they omit a clicking noise on the phone line. See what speed you are connecting at and try lowering your speed to see if it helps.

What can cause disconnections?

Many things can interfere with your modem causing disconnections. Fax machines, call waiting, electric fences can cause noise on the line and can make your connection to the Internet very slow or cause you to be disconnected. If you are having problems, try removing everything from the line except the modem itself and see how things go.

I keep sending an email to a known email address but it keeps coming back.

There are many reasons for this and the most common is the user doesn’t exist or the user has a full mailbox and can’t receive anymore email. In the email you receive from it will state why it could not be sent. Usually you will see an Error 550 – User Unknown or Error 550 – User exceeds mailbox quota