21 April 2016

Important information regarding your Waterfront Internet Service

Dear Waterfront Internet Customers and Waterfront email Customers:

As of 30th April 2016, we would like to advise that Waterfront Internet Service has been acquired by Waterfront’s wholesaler and will now trade under the name Waterfront Networks Pty Ltd. The team at Waterfront Networks will be contacting you shortly via email.

What this means for you as a Waterfront customer?
You will remain on the same network, so there will be no disruption to your services whatsoever. Your current plan will remain the same and everything will operate “business as usual”.

An advanced telephone technical support centre on 1300 695 465 will replace our current shop front at 130 Thompson Avenue in Cowes.

Please note the following changes:
New advanced support team available 7 days a week
New banking details for payments will be updated on your invoices
New payment options will replace the existing in person shop payments including payment at Australia Post.
There will also be BPAY, pay at the post office and direct deposit options.
Those customers who already have automatic direct debits each month with credit cards or bank accounts will continue as usual.
All services that you currently have with Waterfront will remain on the same monthly invoice as normal.

A quality customer support team will be available including account and technical enquiries on our support line 1300 695 465. Our team will provide you with an increased level of service with upgraded support capabilities that were previously unavailable at Waterfront. Our support team will be calling all customers and personally introducing themselves in the next 30 days.

Your Waterfront email will remain exactly the same and all email queries and support will be handled by Waterfront Networks on the same number 1300 695 465

The Waterfront shop at 130 Thompson Ave, Cowes will still be present – however just as a computer repair and retail shop. Again, all Internet and email support will now be handled by Waterfront Networks on phone number 1300 695 465

The new advanced team at Waterfront Networks is extremely competent, efficient and personal. We have no doubt that you will be impressed by the new level of service and response times. Further there will be some exciting new products made available including bundled services and the new National Broadband Network (NBN). Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our office on 1300 695 465.

We look forward to servicing you in the future.

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