National Broadband Network
Waterfront is now able to supply high speed Internet connections to areas where the National Broadband Network has commenced roll out.

What is the difference between NBN and regular ADSL Broadband Internet connections?
The National Broadband Network will use Fibre Optic cabling instead of traditional copper based telephone cables. By using Fibre Optic cables to deliver the Internet, you will experience a faster quality Internet connection which does not experience high volumes of signal loss over long distances.

What plan options are available from Waterfront for the NBN network?
The following plan options are available from Waterfront NBN.

Key Facts Sheet NBN Services
Plan Data Allowance Minimoum Monthly Access Total Minimum Price over 24 months Connection Fee
12Mbps/1mbps Speed Plan
NBN-12/1 Unlimited $60.00 $1440.00 $0.00
25Mbps/5mbps Speed Plan
NBN-25/5 Unlimited $65.00 $1560.00 $0.00
50Mbps/20mbps Speed Plan
NBN-50/20 Unlimited $80.00 $1920.00 $0.00
100Mbps/40mbps Speed Plan
NBN-100/40 Unlimited $90.00 $2160.00 $0.00

You can find the Critical Information Summary’s for these plans here

What options are available for Connecting Voice telephone services to the NBN?
The following voice options are available for connecting a telephone to the NBN network:

Value Added Call Packs $8/month $10/month $30/month
Local Calls 5 cents per minut Unlimited Unlimited
Long Distance Calls 5 cents per minut Unlimited Unlimited
Calls To Mobiles 16 cents/min 16 cents/min 500 Minutes
Call Connection Fee Free Free Free
Calls to 1300 Numbers 40 cents/call 40 cents/call 40 cents/call

If you need a second line an additional fee of $8 per month will be applicable. The above call packs are also available for the second line.

Yes! NBN is available in my area now! What do I do next to connect?
To organise connection and pricing for NBN at your location, please contact Waterfront customer service on 1300 695 465.

An NBN specialist will make a special assessment of your requirements and organise appropriate pricing and installation.

Can I connect to NBN if it is not available in my area?
No you cannot connect to the NBN network if it is not available in your area.

Why choose Waterfront NBN Services instead of other providers?
Converting to the NBN network can be a complicated process if it is not carefully planned and processed by a Service Provider that properly understands the NBN network. If your service provider does not have experienced specialists, you may experience problems which will result in loss of service, outages and potential loss of business.

Waterfront has already connected many different types of customers from young families, elderly, small and large business clients. Assessing the customer personalised needs of each customer is very important prior to the NBN installation commencing to ensure a smooth transition of service.

What is different about connecting/installing Waterfront NBN Services?
Waterfront NBN services are different to other service providers. Extensive research with our customers has found that they require personalised service. Other providers make the process complicated as each time you contact them you will speak with a different operator who will not fully understand your personal needs.

Waterfront will assign a personalised account manager to your installation who will commence the project with pre-planning assessments and follow the installation through until it has completed. At any time you can reach your project manager during business hours on their direct telephone line for updates.


Where can I obtain additional information on the NBN?

See our information guides available for NBN: 

NBN Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) Information Guide                 -                        NBN Fibre To The Node (FTTN) Information Guide 


How do I know if NBN is available in my area?
You will need to enter your address in the NBN coverage map below to check for availability: