9 July 2014

New Waterfront Invoices

Dear Waterfront Customers,

You may notice that your invoices look a little different since we’ve moved to a new billing system. ¬† For those who have their credit cards directly debited by us each month, we will still continue to do that. ¬†This will now happen mid-month.

2 responses on “New Waterfront Invoices

  1. Bill Severino says:

    Hi Waterfront Crew, As your payments are direct debited to my bank account, does this mean that Ezidebit now has my banking details? What level of security of my details do I now have?
    Regards, Bill

    • wisadmin says:

      Hi Bill,
      Sorry I took so long to reply here – just saw your email! Ezidebit does not have any of your credit card details. They are are all encrypted in our billing system. They are simply the payment gateway we use to debit cards each month and their system is attached to our billing system. Give me a call if you have any concerns.

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