Waterfront Wireless Broadband connects to our own Access Points installed on the roof of our shop located at 130 Thompson Ave, Cowes.  We install a small wireless receiver (CPE) on your existing TV antenna and point it towards our shop. There’s no need to wait for installation or to pay for a fixed line, all you need to do is plug the small modem into a standard USB port on your computer.


On all new 24 month connections we provide the installation and CPE free.

Unlike Fixed line Broadband, there is not a choice of speed, instead you need to choose a plan that offers a data allowance to suit your needs. We have 3 plans to choose from.

 Waterfront Wireless Broadband Plans




Monthly Fee $24.95($16.63 per GB) $34.95($6.99 per GB) $39.95($3.99 per GB) $49.95($4.99 per GB) $54.95($2.19 per GB) $59.95($1.19 per GB) $59.95($2.39 per GB) $64.95($1.29 per GB) $69.95(.93 per GB)
Included Data Allowance 1.5Gb 5Gb 10Gb 10Gb 25Gb 50Gb 25Gb 50Gb 75Gb
Wireless Receiver CPE)

Free on 24 Month

Contract Term

24 Months or no contract

Installation Fee

Free on 24 months otherwise $105

Over Cap Charges

$6 per GB

Ideal for…..

For basic web browsing and sending emails

for frequent Internet browsers who spend most of their day surfing

A huge generous data allowance which will cover most people’s requirements

Important Information

Data download and upload will contribute to your monthly data allowance.  You can check your usage in our Members area by logging in through the Waterfront website.

Your service is capped and will be shaped to 56Kbps once you have reached your data allowance. To add more data for $6 per GB simply call the shop and we will add immediately.  If you find you are using up your data allowance too quickly, you might want to consider upgrading to a plan with more allowance – you can change at any time.

*Our Mobile Broadband plans come with a choice of contract term. You can choose from a 24 month contract, or if you don’t like being tied into a contract, select our month to month contract option - you simply pay $105 for installation and a rental fee for the CPE of $9.95 per month.


We will supply and install a free Wireless Receiver (CPE).


Depending on trees and other obstacles we can provide service to the majority of Cowes.  Before we sign you up we test your location for signal strength.


You can find the Critical Information Summary’s for these plans here